Our Story

Vault was conjured up and created by a collective of Western and Indonesian friends who had worked in the underground and non-commercial music scene for decades between them.

Collectively we felt that Bali was crying out for a genuine, dirty, edgy, warehouse style club who’s whole ethos was to be focussed solely on the music… everything else came after. As soon as you walked in you could see the majority of the budget was spent on soundsystem… no glitz and glamour and extravagance here!

We wanted to create something to offset all the beautiful palm tree lined beach club venues that ruled the roost but served the masses, and we feel we certainly achieved that.

Over the years hundreds of local and international DJs and MC’s have stepped into the iconic DJ booth, and thousands of magical music lovers, creatives, designers, misfits and fashionistas have come down its much loved minimalist stairwell into the depths, searching for those timeless beats, the latest basslines and everything in between. Vault has always been a place for people to admire and immerse themselves in the creativity of others. A place to find their own tribe and dance, laugh and drink till the shutters come down and the sun comes up.

To have stood the testament of time in Bali is no mean feat, especially through the last couple of years, and it is down to the passion, creativity and hard work put in by all the team, past and present, who work tirelessly behind the scenes driven by a passion for the music.

At Vault we don’t just love underground… We live underground!